Time and Date Related Cores


The following cores have to do with date and time keeping.

There is a scene in a movie where a failed date/time update is critical. I forget the name of the movie, but it presents one of the issues with date/time cores. Taking snapshots of the current date/time in order to get an accurate reading, and stopping the clock while doing date/time updates.

One of the date/time cores below (DateTime.v) deals with the issue of different date/time systems. Not everybody uses the same time and calendar systems.

Below: Picture of MC146818AP


Time Keeping
ts_timer system time slice timer more ts_timer.v
spic simple priority interrupt controller more spic.v
bc6526timer 6526 compatible timer core  
bc6526tod 6526 compatible time of day clock more bc6526tod.v
DateTime date / time core more DateTime.v
clk60Hz generates 50/60Hz clock pulses clk60Hz.v