AET - CarCrash

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Story Synopsis (Spoiler)

An AET member is involved in a car crash.


"Look out !" Claire yelled as Peter was driving along the 401. A car behind them in the next lane travelling at a high rate of speed was swerving into their lane, about to cause a crash. The driver was driving reckless and fast, the reckless driver had pulled over into the slower lane to avoid rear-ending the car in front of him in his lane. Unfortunately there wasn't quite enough room on the highway for him to pull over. He cut Peter's car off. Peter quickly swerved the car onto the gravel while braking the vehicle at the same time in order to avoid a collision. The car swerved onto the loose gravel at the side of the road. Not catching properly on the loose gravel and travelling at a high speed, the car spun out of control into the ditch. Peter regained some measure of control over the vehicle and ended up in a farm field after driving through a fence.

As the car came to a stop Peter struck the steering wheel with his hands. ""Shit! What an asshole!" Peter yelled in frustration. "We're lucky to be alive honey." Peter remarked to his new wife Claire. He could see in the read-view mirror that a second car that had been following them had also swerved into the ditch in order to avoid rear-ending them. Peter had to apply the brakes fast and the second car had been travelling too closely. People in the second car looked alright.

It was supposed to be a super surprise for his parents. Since the last time Peter had seen his parents, he'd gotten married and found more or less permanent employment as an army consultant. He hadn't seen his parents in almost a year. They were on their way to his parent's place with a small infant, the biggest surprise.

Peter noted as he opened the door to get out that the frame of the car was bent in somewhat of a 'V' shape. It had received quite a bump travelling through the ditch.

"I'm stuck, I can't get out !" Clair yelled. Clair fumbled with the seat belt. "The door's jammed and my leg is stuck. Check the baby".

The infant was in a specially constructed basket on the floor of the car just in front of the backseat. Peter checked the infant's situation. The baby was crying, that was a good indication, but the baby' basket was really stuck between the front and back seats. When loaded into the car it had just barely fit. With the car frame bent the basket was hopelessly struck. It was a special basket with a lid on it, it had been designed for premature babies.

"Hold on honey. The frame of the car's bent, and the baby's stuck at the moment." Peter reported. "I'm going to try bending the car frame back into shape." Peter then proceeded to place his hands at the top of the passenger's side door and lifted upwards. With sweat pouring off his forehead and a metallic groan from the aluminium frame bending Peter was able to bend the frame of the car.

"My leg's free now." Claire yelled. Peter stepped back from the car and passed out. "Clair I don't feel...." Thunk.

A small fire had started under the car due to a gas leak.

With a good shove and a kick Clair was able to get the car door open at her side of the vehicle. She could get out now.

Clair saw her husband pass out. She knew he had been alright after the crash, and suspected he had just over-exerted himself bending the car. In any case he was breathing. Clair dragged her husband further from the car which had caught on fire. Then she went back for the baby.

Clair was yelling. "I can't get it out !" Peter awoke hearing his wife yelling. The baby was still stuck in the basket on the back floor of the car. Clair could neither get the baby basket open, nor could she remove it from the car.

There was a slow flame burning on the underside of the car.

"Clair, the baby will be alright. We need tools in order to free it. Come-on let's go flag down a vehicle." Surprisingly to Peter no-one else was on scene yet. He realized he couldn't have been unconscious for very long. He wanted to get Clair away from the vehicle which had caught fire.

"Clair yelled back - No ! I'm not leaving the baby. Come-on and help me get the basket un-stuck."

Rather than argue with his wife about what to do, the Peter proceeded back to the highway in order to flag down a vehicle. He'd already tried to free the baby and he couldn't.

Peter proceeded to jump up and down and wave his hands at the side of the road in order to try attracting the attention of someone willing to help. He was a couple of hundred meters from the car when he heard a loud thud. He turned to look in the direction of the thud. It was the car. It had exploded. "No!" Peter cried. Then he heard a second loud thud, this one coming from his chest. Peter collapsed to the ground at the side of the road.


He awoke in an ambulance. He didn't know how long he'd been out.

The paramedic said he'd collapsed at the side of the highway with a heart-attack.

Peter couldn't remember what he'd been doing. In fact he didn't seem to be able to remember anything. He had amnesia.