AET - First Mission

One day while exploring the countryside, I came across a large previously unexplored cavern located on a hillside. Eventually the cavern got reported to the army, and the army decided to form an exploration team. I got invited to be a team member since I knew where the cavern was.

It was quite a shock to realize while exploring the cavern, that it was a man-made construct; or rather an alien made construct. We realized it was a manufactured vessel only minutes after entering the cavern. Inside the cavern was large and cylindrical with just a few stalactites and stalagmites protruding into the cavern where the hull had eroded away.

The spacecraft was cigar shaped and made from a copper alloy. It was largely intact. At one end of the spacecraft was a pilot's seat for an enormous alien (no remains present) and what appeared to be a radio-telescope (navigation device) of some sort.

Strewn about the floor of the cavern were cabbages. The same cabbages were also growing outside on the hillside.

The vessel was estimated to be crash landed about 200,000 years old by radio-carbon dating.

It was assessed as not being a threat, since the area had been exposed to the cabbages and vessel for about a quarter million years already.