AET- Help Me

“The Battlestar is in urgent need of repairs!” Several LED’s were flashing, and the message could barely be heard echoing from the computer rack. One could well imagine an emergency klaxon bellowing throughout the battestar. “Engines are offline ! life support is offline ! Technicians are needed immediately.” The computer wailed away.

Lying in a small crater in the parking lot was what looked like a computer rack. The store manager had found it early in the morning, and reported it to the police. The police then called the army, and the AET was sent in to investigate. Fortunately, the store manager had not paid too much attention to it, and had not heard the barely audible emissions from the computer. He’d assumed it was tech gear that had fallen off a transport truck.

Upon seeing and hearing the computer rack, I concluded it really was a master computer from a battlestar. The computer thought that it was still in the battle-star and still in space. It had become isolated from the battle-star and all it’s I/O was trashed. It was an artificially intelligent system and I spent about five minutes convincing it that the battle-star was no longer in space, and far beyond repair. The amazing thing is that the computer was conversing in English.

The evening before had been a spectacular meteor shower, with several small meteorites fallen to earth. In a farmer’s field about a half mile away was found a meteorite resembling a melted nozzle of some sort.

The computer rack was loaded onto the back of a pickup truck, and sent to a retired professor at the U of T. for study / safe keeping.

The technology was some sort of gold / copper based three-dimensional circuitry.