AET – Little Dragons


AET Debrief:


The “cube” was about 20 feet high, 100 feet wide, 300 feet long. It descended through the atmosphere rapidly, the parachutes weren’t quite large enough. The Earth’s atmosphere was just a tad to thin for the vehicle’s design. Just before touchdown, large wheels were extended from wheel bays built into the sides of the vehicle. On touchdown two of the transaxles broke from the force of the touchdown, and two of the wheels exploded. It was a sixteen wheeled vehicle. The vehicle touched down at about 40 Mph.


The vehicle was full of refugees from a war stricken planet. The aliens looked like tiny dragons. The little dragon’s comfortable room temperature was 190 degrees Fahrenheit.


The vehicle was two stories high, with six foot ceilings. The aliens themselves were only about four and half feet tall and weighed as much as 120 pounds.


According to the aliens, 200 million years ago, when the Earth was quite warm, they had a colony on Earth. The aliens decided to try returning to Earth, having found the Earth on a very old star map.


They all probably died anyways. They’d need to heat their habitat to 190 degrees.

The Earth is freezing cold to them.



So how do we explain this one ? The base commander asked.

As a situation, the aliens had managed to drive their damaged vehicle along a small river to the outskirts of a small town.


“It’s an armed forces giant armoured car test vehicle. The testing failed.” “We bury the vehicle.”


The vehicle itself is slightly interesting. Made of a high density uranium alloy. The technology level of the vehicle was about 1970’s technology. It was a great boon for army tech’s when it crash landed in the 1950’s. But we could build a better vehicle using today’s technology if we needed to.  There was a row of computer terminals in the vehicle complete with CRT tubes with monochrome displays. On one terminal a youth had been playing a video game when the vehicle crashed. Most of the occupants died on impact. The few remaining occupants eventually died from a variety of reasons. Although damaged, the vehicle was still operational.