Casey's Apartment

My momís space yacht could hold 15 to 20 people onboard comfortably, but that ill-fated day there was just me and my mom onboard. I canít remember exactly where we were headed but we didnít end up where we planned. The yacht was really intended for local space-flightís although it was large enough to have a small warp core onboard for longer journeys. The yacht was just that, it was designed to land on a planetary surface on water and be used like a yacht.

En-route we encountered a small borg scout ship. The borg immediately began an assault on the yacht with the typical borg Ďwe will assimilate youí message. It was a hopeless battle as the yacht had no real weaponry on it. And defenses were typical shields of a small spacecraft. At first detection of the borg craft, my mom got us strapped into seats and told me to hang on. As the yacht was small and fast she, was going to try and out-manoeuvre the borg's craft. Mom was an excellent pilot. The inertial dampers were having trouble handling the rapid movements of the yacht. The yacht was being buffeted by near misses from the borg's assault cannon.

No matter what we tried we didn't seem to be able to escape the borg. Finally when shields were down to 18% mom with tears in her eyes told me what she was going to do: overload the reactor and ram the borg. Apparently, no matter what, we didn't want to be assimilated by the borg. Mom detached the piloting tablet from the console and took it with her to the warp core. She continued to fly the yacht. The warp core was in the centre of the vessel.

The amorphous polymer door slid to the side revealing the reactor. "Mr. Fusion" was labelled on the side of the reactor. The manual for the reactor touted the reactor's safety record. "Guaranteed not to overload." The reactor had been designed for small scale civilian use. As such it was almost fool-proof. The reactor and warp core combination had been elegantly done. The engineers had used tricks not suitable for larger vessels to scale down the size of the warp core. Maintenance on the combination was usually done by ejecting it through the hull floor. But there was an emergency access panel when the core was in place. There was only one option available with the access panel removed: turn off the fusion reactor and shutdown the warp core. Casey swore. There didn't appear to be a way to overload the reactor it had been too well engineered. There was no self-destruct. There was only one thing left to do.

In a typical dumb blonde move my mom crashed her yacht into one corner of a borg scout ship. The idea had been to take out the borg vessel by detonating the warp core of the yacht on impact. Only things didnít go as planned. The warp core fizzeled out without exploding and we were trapped in the borg vessel, onboard the yacht which amazingly survived mostly intact. The borg, no longer being able to sense the vessel externally, ceased hostilities. To the borg it looked like the ship suddenly vanished. For some reason the borg were unable to determine what happened to the yacht. It was a small borg vessel and may have been due to the lack of interior sensors. The borg vessel then resumed itís scouting expedition with us onboard.

Being onboard the borg vessel was interesting. Mom checked it out first, where it was safe to go and where it wasnít. The borg simply ignored us for the most part. We had crashed into an unimportant part of the vessel, and the borg didnít deem it worth fixing. We travelled around for about a year from one part of the galaxy to another onboard the borg spacecraft. Until one day we finally came close enough to a starbase to use a transporter to transport out. Boy where they surprised at the star-base when two individuals suddenly appeared from apparently no-where.

My mom, being an entrepreneur, advertised the crashed yacht as an exclusive high-priced apartment onboard a borg-spacecraft.  The trick was to detect when the borg vessel would be close enough to a starbase to transport back onboard. The "apartment" actually rented to a few unscrupulous types trying to avoid the law and willing to risk an encounter with the borg.