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(the X-Men) are owned by Marvel Comics. Other characters OC's owned by me are summarized below.

Peter Howlett

Peter is Wolverine’s nephew. A sickly child, one day he was laid to rest in a tomb when assumed deceased. Years later he was discovered still lying in the tomb in an undecayed state in some sort of self -induced stasis. A medical practitioner was able to revive him. Peter is both taller and stronger than Wolverine, but somewhat slower. Peter does not have claws like his relatives, but is gifted with abnormal healing ability. Peter also has some ability to perform magic.

KuKai Munroe

KuKai Munroe is Ororo’s cousin who has much the same background as Ororo. Kukai was also orphaned at a young age, and was found living in southwestern-Ontario. Her mother died in the African jungle just 10 days after KuKai was born. Kukai’s father moved them to Canada from Africa. Her father died in an automobile accident on the 401, leaving Kukai orphaned at a young age. An Alpha flight team member found Kukai wandering around Toronto while investigating abnormal weather patterns.

Kukai Munroe isn’t quite as powerful or skilled a weather goddess as Ororo, but she packs her own punch.

Kevin Munroe

Kevin was a runaway from the eastern coast of Canada. Disqualified from being rated the best Canadian fighter pilot during a contest, when it was found out he didn’t pass genetic testing for humanity, Kevin is abnormally strong, fast and agile; he’s also part bird. He’s capable of flying flight manoeuvres that are impossible for a human being to survive. He got conscripted into the Canadian air-force as a teen-ager after demonstrating outstanding flying ability. When found to be too inhuman, he got put on a reserve list and was not allowed active duty, excepting “special occasions”. He remains one of the Canadian air-force’s secret assets. Kevin acts as a flight-team pilot on secret missions.

Kevin is not actually a mutant as he is not a carrier of the mutant X gene. However he has manifested characteristics like a mutant, and been subjected to anti-mutant persecution.

Star Fleet

A. Paul Calypso (Agent Apocalypse)

Agent Apocalypse is a star-fleet spy whose home planet was destroyed in a giant fireball. Calypso suffers from survivor guilt which is eroded away over time as he completes Star-Fleet missions.

Saurison th’Ratpax



Saurison Ratpax is Pax-Andorian, a native from the moon Pax in the Andorian system. The Pax moon is large and is a 4G environment. Ratpax is abnormally strong for a Pax-Andorian being four times as strong as the average Pax-Andorian. As a result he wears a muscle restraint suit, which is often confused with a power accelerator suit, to make it easier for him to move about in low G environments. Ratpax was made fun of as a child for his antenna deformity. His antenna lay flat in a semi-circular fashion about his head, rather than pointing upwards. Ratpax became somewhat of a bully as a child due to his unusual strength, but grew out of it as he got older.

Saurison th’Ratpax prefers to be called by the last part of his name ‘Ratpax’.

Ratpax is one of a rare group of individuals capable of teleportation. As a teleporter he was encouraged (via a scholarship) to study transporter engineering in Star-Fleet as a specialty.

Ratpax moved up through Star-Fleet ranks to become a Chief transporter engineer. He is also a Star-Fleet security officer.



Refridgerator Rob

Refrigerator Rob is a character that gains pre-cognitive abilities after being stored in a refrigerator for decades.

Gary Rockbus

Gary Rockbus is a professional geologist working for an oil company.