Double Blasted

Peter contemplated what he was going to do; what his intentions really were. As usual he was becoming introspective, a result of a long boring journey to the institute. Ever since he discovered he was related to Wolverine he’d had trouble keeping his curiosity at bay. Who was the fella ? After asking around a bit, he figured the best thing to do was some research at the Xavier institute. While at the institute Peter offered to speak to the children.

Peter began his speech:”

Hi, my name is Peter. I recently found out via a genetic study that Logan Howlett, more familiar to some as Wolverine,  is likely my uncle. I am unlike my uncle in many ways, and alike in a few. I’m not a feral person; I don’t have claws or fangs. I’ve been gifted with an abnormal healing factor. I also have the ability to perform magic. I came here today to get a sense of my uncle’s life. I’d like to talk to you today about survival – the secret is: don’t give up.

I’ve survived two nuclear explosions:

The first nuclear explosion was set-off in a small town by the Canadian government as a response to a viral threat. They had a case of a severe previously unknown virus that was killing everyone within minutes. The government thought it best to “sanitize” the town by dropping a nuclear warhead on it.  A lot of good souls died that day to protect the rest of the world. Today all that remains of the town is a small shallow lake in an area marked on the map as a nature preserve. I was standing on the roof of an apartment building that was the target area for the nuclear missile. The nuke went off within a few feet of my position. I can remember screaming in pain as my body tried to reassemble itself while I flew through the upper atmosphere. I was literally blasted right into space. I landed in the great lakes hundreds of miles away from the blast site. I was found by fishermen and taken to a local hospital to recover from severe burns. It was many years before I was able to recall what had happened.

The second nuclear explosion was the result of an accident during the construction of a subway. The subway had been constructed too close to a secret underground armoury. A friend of mine was playing with a nail gun in the construction site. After she fired off a few rounds, she fired a round right through the subway wall, into the secret armoury. This set off one of the small nuclear warheads stored in the armoury. I was hundreds of meters away from the blast when it went off. The blast travelled down the subway tunnel and propelled subway cars right out the end of the tunnel, which acted like a ramp. A subway car was found in a farmer’s field miles away from the blast. I regained consciousness next to the subway car.

Point is one doesn’t know what one can survive until they actually survive it.”