Missile Silo

One day when the author was a young boy, he was on his way to visiting a friend who lived in an low-income apartment building about eight to ten stories tall. The author wandered over to a non-working elevator shaft.

The elevator hadnít been working for weeks. The author got curious as to what was going on with the elevator. And he managed a peek through a partially opened elevator doorway. Almost immediately the author was grabbed on the shoulder and told to get lost by an older gentleman with a heavy foreign accent. A gang of darker skinned males with heavy foreign accents were controlling the building. Some of them were armed with guns, and they werenít allowing anyone near the elevator.

What the author got a peek of was a rocket about five stories tall.

He got a hold of an authoritative adult and told them what he saw. The adult didnít believe him at first, and questioned how he knew what a rocket was. The author was only about five at the time after-all. A police officer in plain-clothes then investigated the building. The army ended up being called in, based on what the police officer reported.

The army ended up tearing down the apartment building. People renting apartments, many of whom were terrified, were dispersed to other apartment buildings.