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Story Synopsis (Spoiler)

Peter has a flash-back about Agent Johnson.


Peter still remembered agent Johnson, and wondered if he was too much of a robot.

Peter was doing guard duty at a playground. Hidden under his shirt was a 9 millimeter. Peter was one of the youngest employed body guards around; a rare item. Hed been evaluated and given the green light to be an armed bodyguard. Peter was really good at something called situational analysis. Today he was guarding another VIP kid about his own age. The playground was almost empty.

A nondescript white van approached. A man got out of the van and proceeded across the playground. Peter noted the van was still running, and the sliding door was wide open. It looked a bit suspicious as if someone were planning a quick getaway.

The man proceeded to Peters location in the playground. Whereupon Peter told him to stop and proceed no further. This individual said he was from the FBI and here to pick up the VIP that Peter was guarding. Peter asked for proof but the agent said he didnt have his id on him. Hed been in too much of a hurry to pickup the VIP. Peter told him he was out of luck, hed been instructed to not allow anybody under any circumstances, no matter who they claimed to be, except the parents to pick up the child. The parents had been introduced to Peter earlier and so he knew who they were. The FBI agent spoke raising his voice, We have to go now, its urgent, Ive not time to waste. Peter said Im sorry, Im under strict orders. The agent took a step or two closer, then Peter drew his gun, and said: Dont step any closer or Ill shoot. The FBI agent replied: Im not wasting time with a kid. Get out of my way. Then he took two steps closer almost within arms reach, and Peter shot him.

Agent Johnson later died at the hospital, from a gunshot wound clean through the heart. Peter found out later he was a for real FBI agent and really was in a hurry. His death was investigated and Peter was exonerated of any wrong-doing. But Peter still remembered agent Johnson.