Water-Melon Woman

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Story Synopsis (Spoiler)

Peter magically turns his girl-friend into a water-melon.


With a “*puf*” she had turned into a watermelon. Literally. It seemed funny to Peter now, but at the time it was quite shocking. Peter had been arguing with his girl-friend. He pointed his finger and yelled at her: “You’re nothing but a watermelon”. And so it was. Peter learned the hard way he could unintentionally perform feats of magic when he was extremely upset. It was one of a few times while he was growing up that Peter had to call upon ‘the magic people’ to help him. He’d been told to never contact them unless it was a real emergency. In this case Peter had no idea how to transform his friend back into a real person. The magic people told him to place the watermelon that his girl-friend had turned into, with a group of regular watermelons. The idea was that maybe a large number of watermelons would dissipate the spell. So Peter took the watermelon to the local grocery store and placed it ontop of a pile of watermelons. It was the first place Peter could think of to find a large number of water-melons. A short time later there was a calamity in the store. A young man shopping for watermelons had picked up the one Peter left. Upon choosing the watermelon, it turned back into Peter’s girl-friend; she was naked. The store-keeper saw her naked ontop of the watermelon pile with a young man looming over her and promptly called the police.