Refrigerator Rob

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Story Synopsis (Spoiler)

Patricia steals a refrigerator containing a frozen infant. She is forced to look after the infant in order to hide her secrets.


1.    Patty wanted a refrigerator for her small apartment, but she couldn’t afford to purchase one. Being somewhat of a thief she decided to steal one. A friend of hers had mentioned an old unused refrigerator sitting in a science lab. “Nobody would miss it.” is what her friend Zoë had said. It was a small bar type refrigerator. Patty decided to steal the refrigerator from the science lab. It was easy for her to sweet-talk a couple of musclemen into moving the fridge for her. Her friend had told her that the fridge was empty. But it wasn’t. Now she faced quite a predicament. Inside the refrigerator was a frozen infant. Apparently nobody looked inside the fridge before it was moved. What would she do with the infant ?

Patty decided she would think about what to do tomorrow after she got a good night’s rest. It was late in the afternoon and Patty was tired. Patty had gotten up early in the morning to steal the fridge before going to work. Patty worked as a cashier at a local department store, in the evenings she attended college; she was just eighteen. Patty was really procrastinating and denying the reality of the situation. It never occurred to Patty that the frozen infant might have something to do with science and be valuable to someone. Patty wasn’t the brightest girl around.

She awoke with a shock, in the morning to the sound of an infant crying, and her landlord pounding on the door. At first she thought it was the T.V. set, but the T.V. set was playing Star-Trek. She’d fallen asleep with the T.V. on. The year was 1967 and Star-Trek was a relatively new T.V. show. The T.V. was a small 9” T.V. black and white set that she’d managed to steal. The fridge door had swung open and the contents of the fridge unthawed overnight. Patty hadn’t thought to plug the fridge in. There was a pool of water on the apartment floor. Her landlord was banging on the apartment door and yelling: “Is that a kid I hear ?”. Thinking quickly Patty responded: “No, it’s just the T.V. set. I’ll turn it down.”. Patty slammed the door of the fridge shut to quell the sound of the infant and turned down the volume on T.V. Her landlord walked away.