Safe House Meeting

The setting is a small safe-house in a quiet community in South-Western Ontario Canada. The venue chosen as being reasonably close to a young boy’s current home. It was only an hour’s drive away. Close enough that the child could be sneaked to the location without his parents knowing about it. The arrangement had been setup by social services in consultation with a security agency.

An arranged meeting was setup between a young boy and his mom. They are talking quietly in the safe-house. It was a case of a missing child being reunited with his parents.

Boy: “I don’t know mom. I don’t think I can go back home now.”

Mom: “I’m sure you’ll be able to fit in just fine, don’t worry about it. Now that we’ve found you you’ll be safe.”

The young boy snuggled up to his mother on the couch. He hadn’t seen her in over three years.

Boy: ”Mom, I can barely remember. I was three years ago and I was only three. I feel like I have two sets of parents now.”

Mom: “I know honey. It will take time.”

Just then there was a rustling sound at the door.

Mom: “Well who is that ? We were not to be disturbed until after five o’clock. It’s only three p.m. You didn’t tell anybody you were coming here did you ?”

Boy: “No. I didn’t even know I was coming until they rushed me into the car.”

The doorknob or lock made a snapping sound. An intruder entered the safe-house.

Boy exclaiming: “Mom, he’s got a gun!”

Mom:” Quick into the bedroom.” She threw a vase in the direction of the intruder and ran for the bedroom herself.

“Lock the door, lock the door!”. Mom yelled at her son, who had to get the key, while she held the bedroom door shut.

The intruder struggled at the bedroom door for a moment, then stopped.

Mother and son could hear the intruder talking to someone on the telephone.

Mom: “Man this guy is cold, he breaks in then uses the phone ?”

Intruder on the phone: “There’s a kid here too, they’ve locked themselves in the bedroom, what am I supposed to do ? I didn’t agree to kill a kid.”

Other party: “we gave you a gun, use it. Kill them both.”

By this time mother and son had barricaded the door with a dresser. And were hiding under the bed.

Suddenly, a series of shots rang out. The intruder was trying to shoot at them through the door.

Mom got grazed in the forehead just above the left eye. The boy took a piece of shrapnel in the right eye.


Just when they thought it might be the end. They heard someone else at the door. It was an off-duty police officer who lived next door. She'd heard the shots and came to investigate.

They heard the police officer yell: “Freeze buddy. Drop the weapon!”. Then unfortunately the next thing they heard was the sound of a struggle.

Boy: ” Mom we have to help!”

Mom:” No. We can stay safe locked in the bedroom until help arrives.”

Boy:” What if help doesn’t arrive ?”

Boy: “Do we have any weapons ?”

Mom: “Yes, there’s a gun in my purse.”

Boy: “I’m going to help.”

They heard the police officer yelping in pain. The intruder was a good 20 to 30 pounds heavier, and several inches taller than the police officer. She was out-matched in a one-on-one fight. She yelled, “If you’re going to help you’d better help now!”


Boy: “Freeze mister, let her go!”

The intruder’s jaw dropped and he stared back in disbelief for a moment. Here was a six year old kid pointing a gun at him.

Intruder sweating:” No kid, scram, I’ll let you go, just get out of here. You’ll never use that gun.”

“Shoot him kid!” the police officer yelled.

Boy coldly: “my mom wouldn’t use a gun, but I would.”

Then the gun went off. “Pow!”

The intruder staggered backwards, shot right between the eyes.

Police officer: “ya did good kid.”

Then they heard a moan.

“Oh my god, he’s still alive.”

The intruder mumbled: “I want to confess. I can’t see. I’m dying I think.”

Next came a brief confession from the intruder. Why he was there.

He owed the bank 360,000 dollars, But worse yet he owed the mob over a million dollars. They agreed to pay off his debt, if he agreed to assassinate the woman.

 In the interest of the safety of the parties involved, and national security, the police officer dumped the intruder's body at an unknown location; to be found as a John Doe.