Summer Romance

The case of summer’s night romance between a Klingon male and an Earthwoman.

This guy (a Klingon) would park his orbital figher craft just on the outskirts of town a short distance away from a local bar he liked to visit. The fighter craft was cloaked; but someone found it and reported it to the FBI. As an air-force consultant I got called in to look at the vehicle. If possible we decided to move the vehicle (through diplomatic means, we obtained permission from the local Klingon commander to do so.). I managed to enter the vehicle and fly it about ˝ mile further away from town. The Klingon male was allowed to ‘sweat a little bit’ about the fact his fighter craft had been stolen. The Klingon male was later confronted and asked to desist in his behaviour of visiting the local bar. When interviewed the Klingon said he didn’t think anybody from Earth would be able to board much less fly his fighter vehicle.