The Holey War

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Story Synopsis (Spoiler)

Devastating effects of space-time war.



If you hadn't lived through it you couldn't understand what it was; the holey war a war between factions that could build BHD's. No-one knew when the war started or how long it had lasted. The heavy use of space-time devices during the war obliterated a sense of the progress of time. One couldnít count on the simple linear progress of time, yesterday, today, and tomorrow during the war. Powerful physics devices powered by black-holes were capable of turning back the clock, and constructing new futures by obliterating old ones. Only an approximate sense of time was possible by analyzing the stars.

An outside observer didnít understand what a Holey-war was and how devastating it could be. The Holey war came about shortly after the discovery of black-hole devices (BHDís) and subsequent global economic collapse. A combination of virtual reality systems, advanced physics synthesizerís combined with the power output of miniature black holes enabled accomplishments bordering on magic. Large-scale physics synthesizers could be used to construct massive objects in a matter of minutes. Overnight, with the sound of a thunderclap and small earthquake a high-rise building complete with finished interior could be constructed; the building replacing whatever occupied the space beforehand. The construction industry collapsed overnight. A small group of people could do the construction of a large building that previously would have required hundreds of people a number of years to complete.

Several technical achievements cause this to happen:

Physics synthesizing explosive. (PSE). This is an explosive construction device with the explosion powered by a miniature black hole at itís core. The core is wrapped in material layers that are assembled in a manner analogous to semi-conductors chips, albeit on a larger scale. The typical PSE for constructing a 50 story office building is about the size of a wrecking ball. The building blue-prints are stored in a virtual reality computer system. The virtual reality specification is used to assemble the PSE material layers in the proper configuration. When the device is detonated, enormous forces are applied symmetrically to the material layers. The interactions of the forces and materials are entirely predictable. This device requires extremely precise material positioning. Advanced nuclear physics reactions take place which cause the generation of matter from the energy stored in the black hole according to the virtual reality specification.

PSSTE Ė perfectly symmetrical space-time explosive.