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Verilog source code for a fully functional 6502 compatible cpu core.

Experimental Core - 32 bit bus interface 6502

The RTF65002 Project a 32 bit cpu with 65C02 emulation


Here is a 6502 macro assembler. It supports all the original 6502 instructions plus W65C02 instructions and is TASS compatible. It can produce a binary or S19 record compatible output. It's just called "asm" for lack of a better moniker. Experimental is a 65816 assembler also included.

Source code for the assembler is now available on GitHub. (Cores\FAL6567\trunk\software\asm) (about 350k)


Picture of R65C02P2

2 MHz 6502


The following screen from: "The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology" by Karl Hildon with the author's permission.


Links (compiler + tools) (C-One computer - C64 compatible upgrade)

- contains a listing of a reference manual for the Commodore machines.


Other 6502 cores

A 6502 core done by Arlett Ottens in Norway

Software For SoC's

Lee Davison's enhanced basic: