fpga-cpu discussion group

I frequent this group fairly often. It's usually a good source for FPGA based cpu information.

This is a great resource if you're looking for a specific type of core. There are many complete working cores posted here.



FPGA System Board Suppliers:

There are a number of FPGA system board suppliers. A variety of boards are available with different features depending on the type of requirements that need to be met. I've tried the following FPGA systems listed below which tend to be more geared towards educational purposes.

Diligent produces some great low-cost FPGA system boards. They also offer add-on components and modules. I've tried both the S3 Starter board and Nexys board. These boards have what's needed to learn about digital electronics. I also find the small form-factor of board appealing, it makes it easy to place on the desk and find inexpensive enclosures for as well.

Terasic produces a respectible FPGA system in the TREX-C1 board. A couple of nice things about this board are that it's self contained as most of the components one might use are already on the board, also it has TV output capablilty. It's also setup in such a way with all the connectors along one edge of the board. This should make it easy to mount in a case.




Other Interesting Sites

Interesting site, some arcade games programmed into FPGA's. And the VIC20 in an FPGA.

This is John Kent's FPGA page. John has several interesting 68xx series systems.

A 6502 core done by Arlett Ottens in Norway

The BurchED website -  Educational FPGA packages

Laughton Electronics - Kim Clone

Truancy Factory - Game modders site

Industrial automation and control resources